Decentralized and Distributed Systems Research at Yale

Determinator is an experimental multiprocess OS that enforces deterministic execution of parallel programs, eliminates heisenbugs, and guarantees the exact replication of the execution sequence of parallel programs.

The Determinator project includes language and runtime support for deterministic parallelism, as well as a classroom implementation, PIOS (Parallel Instructional Operating System).

Dissent (Dining-cryptographers Shuffled Send Network) is a protocol for accountable anonymous messaging, voting, and other interactions among members of a decentralized group. Dissent provides strong, provable anonymity guarantees and is resistant to anonymous DoS attacks by malicious group members.

Tng is a new architecture for the Internet transport layer, which decomposes traditional transport layer functions such as endpoint naming, congestion control, and application-visible semantics to improve communication flexibility, performance, and security while remaining backward-compatible with the current Internet.